Patient GS

  Our dialysis journey began in early 2017 when my husband called me in the middle of the night at work and told me he was having difficulty breathing.  I advised him to immediately go to the emergency room, which resulted in him being admitted to the hospital in ICU.   We then learned he was in renal failure.  Of course, we were devasted and afraid and had many questions.  I was unable to visit Gerald right away, as the doctors were trying to stabilize his vitals.  When Gerald did awake, there was a stranger sitting in his room who identified herself as Joy, a representative from Satellite Healthcare.  She said that she was representing the dialysis center and would love to have him as a patient.  Not fully understanding what was happening and because things evolved so quickly, we accepted the invitation but were baffled that this stranger was allowed access into his room to recruit him, however, I was still unable to visit.  After being discharged, Satellite reached out again for his first visit.  Our insurance did not hesitate to approve his dialysis treatments and they began at the facility in May 2017.  Joy, our nurse at the time, informed us that there was a way to have a better quality of life by training to do dialysis treatments at home.  This option was appealing to us so we quickly signed up for the 30 day required training and continued our journey at home.  All was well as we set our schedules and got acclimated to our new lives until late 2019 when my husband began to ask questions about his care.  After being assigned four nurses over his short period at Satellite, he was unable to reach his nurses when he needed assistance, he was still hand-writing his treatment sheets, and basically had no assistance or contact from the center until they reached out for monthly pay sheets.  The promise from the beginning was he would have access to his nurse when he needed assistance, he would be given an iPad that would record his treatments, and there would be home visits to ensure all was well.  None of the promised services were fulfilled and  his service began to decline after asking questions.  Since Joy was our first contact with Satellite, we reached out to her for some assistance and we later found out that was the beginning of our troubles.  Satellite began to harass my husband, ignore his phone calls completely, and went to great lengths to make our lives a living hell.  The police were sent to our home for a “welfare check” b Gerald did not return a call to them within 24 hours without attempting to contact me, he was made to sign a continuing treatment contract which was convoluted and one-sided with patient expectations, he was sent for a psychiatric evaluation, and at monthly clinic, we were met at the door with a security guard who stood inside the treatment room from the beginning to the end of our visit.  Eventually, we were sent a letter via FedEx stating his treatment would be terminated as of June 2020 with Satellite.  After speaking with Joy, who was now the director of the facility she blatantly told us “no one will take him and he will have to go to the ER for treatment”.  Not understanding the power they held into their hand to blacklist patients, we frantically began to look for other options and were declined treatment in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  Here we were, my husband had been denied lifesaving treatment and I appealed to our Senators, CMS, and mostly to God.  He had been hospitalized several times with sickness and infection, he had 5 toe amputations, and his mental and physical health was constantly declining.  I was physically sick, angry, and afraid that he would not survive the holidays, and 2020 would end in his demise.  One night, unable to sleep, I searched the internet and found Dialysis Advocates.  I quickly reached out to Arlene Mullin and she sprang into action.  A GOD SEND!!  Not only was she working to find placement for him. Arlene was extremely encouraging to me, and always a phone call away.  In January of this year, we received a call from Davita informing us that my husband, would be accepted as a patient into their center.  I have difficulty even typing those words without tears flowing down my face.  If Dialysis Advocates would not have intervened on my husband’s behalf, I am sure he would have not survived much longer.  We can never put into words how grateful, blessed, and thankful we are to have been afforded these services through Dialysis Advocates Associates intervention.  Now the power of life and death has been placed in God’s hands, where it should be and not the animals that were attempting to kill him. 

Patient TL

In November 2011, I was diagnosed Stage 4, End Stage Renal Disease a terminal illness. Only after being diagnosed does a patient actually come to understand what being diagnosed with this disease really means.  I was eventually discharged to start receiving hemodialysis on an outpatient basis three times a week.  Upon entering the dialysis facility, I experienced firsthand, that dialysis personnel never tell unsuspecting patients their treatment is not what will harm them but rather their failure to provide patients the life-saving medical treatment will. 


I am a survivor of this inhumane treatment and I know it occurred.  I also aver and attest what was committed against me is true, and well documented.  In addition, I was denied the right to obtain and receive medical attention by barring me from entering this facility on February 21, 2018, my late mother's 88th birthday, a date I will never forget after receiving treatment at this facility for five years.  Little did I know I would have only one year left with my mother.  


Tragically, as I was illegally barred from receiving life-saving medical treatment, instead of spending this last year with my mother in peak health, I had no other option but to obtain emergency medical treatment at a Hospital, I was always in a critical state only receiving treatment two times a week for the entire last year of my mother's life.  I was not able to see my mother the entire last year of her life.  She passed in her sleep one year later after this traumatic ordeal on December 5, 2019.  


This is my story,,,  


Hemodialysis is a life-changing experience requiring intensive support until the ultimate goal of organ transplantation is achieved.  I was in this facility for five years without incident, until a new director  was appointed and the treatment of patients rapidly deteriorated into an environment where patients were now targeted by staff for abrupt removal and/or discharge.  Staff, without any regard for the lives of the patient altered records to cause the notes to warrant adverse actions.  No one deserves to have their right to receive medical treatment denied.  No one ever thought to challenge staff because staff was viewed to be a caregiver and provider when my story details staff as the perpetrators who shielded their involvement with their status that caused a great many patients to suffer needlessly.


 For an entire year, the trauma of being denied treatment resulted in extremely traumatizing, painful mental, emotional and physical stress.  I could only receive emergency treatment when my labs were critical.  Every week the labs were not normal and I always arrived to the hospital in dire need of immediate attention.  There were experiences of severe nausea, not being able to walk or breathe including other disturbing symptoms.  After going through the humility of being denied treatment after I never committed any offense, I now became even more traumatized when my records were intentionally altered, so any facility who reviewed them would not accept me for treatment which in itself was an automatic death sentence that subsequently resulted being denied entry into every facility due to Eli Smith and his staff assassination of my character.  The records indicated assault, threats not being compliant to name a few.  While the dialysis staff at the hospital suspected I was not at fault, it was not until another patient from the same facility sought emergency treatment for also being kicked out that the hospital knew what I reported was true.  I was always embraced as their lost sheep coming back to stay alive.  When my treatment ended, they did not want me to leave. I always left in a very weak and sickened state to return back to prepare my adult son for his program.  I left knowing that severe vomiting would occur walking to the bus stop.  


Ongoing communication with my advocate Ms. Arlene Mullin  to negotiate my return for being falsely discharged ensued during this year. However, Fresenius attempted to gain leverage telling me if I did not sign a service contract, to basically admit guilt, I would not receive treatment. I declined to consent.  I was given locations that were not convenient for me to attend, I was not allowed to review my records or to obtain copies of my records.  Arlene Mullen was extremely influential in advocating for my rights as a dialysis patient,  Arlene Mullen consistently made the calls to Fresenius and spoke out standing up for my rights, making sure Fresenius was held accountable by making calls and speaking on my behalf as my health continued to remain in a deteriorated state because I was denied receiving treatment three times a​week and my labs continued to be out of range.   


At the time that Eli Smith began to work at Fresenius, within two weeks he handed me a discharge notice.  I immediately contacted the network who immediately informed Mr. Smith what was indicated on the discharge was not dischargeable offenses and I took the matter to be ended.  Shortly after being informed of this, Eli Smith then sent the social worker to have a conversation with me wanting to know how I felt regarding the matter.  After I informed her that I do not regard anyone who is also a parent move in such a manner as to deny a female the right to receive life sustaining medical treatment especially when a special needs adult child is involved,  I told her the intent was to harm me to the point where I would expire or else why bring allegations against me that do not warrant being discharged?


It was after I made this statement that Eli Smith made it clear, he wanted me discharged by any means necessary which is exactly what Eli Smith moved to do.  Eli Smith issued another discharge that he was informed was not any ground for discharge.  He then moved to engage staff in his attempt to have me discharged by using staff to set me up to make it appear that I was being difficult to provide treatment to like wearing long sleeves when my history shows I am anemic, despite the fact that others were receiving treatment even as they also had on long sleeves. Several times I managed to secretly take pictures and send it to the network to establish I was telling the truth.  Another incident where staff incited conflict against my peaceful treatment occurred when I was on the phone speaking with the network and the nurse Louis wanted to start. I told him to do what he needed to do and continued my conversation with the network.  After the 3rd time he asked me, with an elevated voice I told him to do what he needed to do at which point he immediately stopped my treatment and refused to treat me and called the police.  When I noticed a partner of my doctor enter the floor, I tried to signal him. It was at that point that the clerk came in from the outside and intercepted him coming to me.  I was denied treatment again.


It was after this staged incident that Eli Smith then moved to have me discharged by 3 doctors


My name is Larry and I have been on Dialysis since June 1998 here in Wilmington N C.  Sometime in the early 2000’s Davita Dialysis took over and a change started to take place. They started to hire technicians with no previous experience and fast training and that’s when I noticed medical mistakes were being made on me. It seem like we the patients where on and assembly line, to get us the Patients ON and OFF as fast as possible. So when medical mistakes were made on me I filed a grievance. ...





My Name is Michael  I was born and raised in southern California. I was a Sonar Tech in the Navy for many years. I have traveled the world and have been to 31 different countries. My profession after the military was teaching Surface and Submarine Combat Systems to the Navy for G.E., Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin. I then went on to teach radio communications, telephone equipment, and ran a training department for BAE Systems. I became ill over Christmas 2006 and was declared Disabled in Jan of 2007.


Sandy In 2006 I was diagnosed with ESRD. Nothing can prepare you for the ordeal that is dialysis. I have been on dialysis 5 years. During that time, I had to deal with people who were not at all caring about the way they treated the patients. We were herded in like cattle to our seats and treated as though we were sub-human. When I began complaining, I was told that it was too bad that I did not accept the way I had to live. My arm was shredded. I saw and reported mistreatment to the nurses


My name is Edwin Flannigan a nocturnal dialysis patient Davita Omni clinic. I recently made a complaint to Texas Department of State Health Services, tracking number TX00158510, about some unfair and possible compliance concerns and issues that were happening to me and other patients at DaVita Omni. Upon making my complaint to DSHS, I also sent the same complaint to the Corporate office of DaVita. On April 18, 2012, I submitted a complaint letter to J L, Social Worker at DaVita Omni concerning sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature by a Patient Care Technician and a nurse. ...


I faced retaliation for reporting black mold in my clinic. In September of 2013, I began getting pneumonia. I was admitted to the hospital in September, October, November, December and January of 2014. The December admission I was so bad that the doctors put me on a ventilator for several days. During the same time period, I noticed that other patients at the clinic in Melrose Park, had also been getting sick with pneU

in fact, one of the patients died. One of the dialysis techs also had pneumonia. Sometime in the beginning of 2014, I was at dialysis ...



December, 2014

From: Kasama Mofu
In life there are Angels on this earth whom pick you up when you have fallen. Arlene Mullin is that person for my mother Carolyn Mofu; who is a dialysis patient and I Carolyn’s son.

A worker at Bixby Knolls in Long Beach, CA had physically assaulted my mother. Besides notifying the police about the assault, I also needed a voice, and advocate for my mother. That person was Arlene from Dialysis Advocates. Arlene assured us during this traumatic period that my mother and I were not alone and that we could be helped. Arlene has given ...



Terry Taylor: November 2014

My name is Terry Taylor and I am a dialysis patient of 9 years. I was wrongfully discharged and blacklisted from my dialysis center after reporting wrongful treatment. No dialysis center would treat me.

Thanks to Arlene I am being dialyzed by a hospital 3 times a week. Thank you Arlene! You saved my life!



Hi Arlene!


I wanted to thank you again for helping us with Phillip’s dialysis care at Davita, in Clarkston Michigan.  I wanted to share with your readers our story, as well.  Phillip, my husband has been on dialysis for 5 years and is very vigilant on trying to maintain his health while suffering end stage renal failure.  Phillip’s story began in late 1999 when he was in full renal failure after being put on medicine for gout.  This medicine created protein kidney stones that blocked his urethras and cut off the blood flow to his kidneys.  Going on dialysis was definitely scary for us!



Arlene, Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your assistance in patient LL’s issue with Davita.  The family faced a life threatening discharge from Davita, but fortunately we were able to move a  mountain.  This was a Herculean task that we were able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time on behalf of the patient.  The patient had been discharged due to being placed on a ventilator and you provided just the guidance and assistance that we needed to move this mountain. Our voice was heard loud and clear by Davita and CMS.  Davita ...

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