Associate of the month

Reverend Ronald Wright

One of the youngest of the great activist in the City Dallas and of Texas Rev, Ronald Wright was able to open doors that older civil rights activist were able to walk through. In 1998 Rev. Wright was the co-founder of an organization called Praise Him Ministry which was created in Prison, the  actually name was the acronym of Prison Reaching out to All Individuals Suffering Everywhere Healing Incarcerated Men, it was a prayer ministry that received prayer request from 100 of people who were not incarcerated, the next organization he was the co-founder of was  H.O.P.E Literacy the name was the Acronym of Helping Other Pursuit Education 
organization that allowed Inmates to teach each other how to read, In 1999 Rev. Wright almost shut down to prison units for the murder of two young black men by officers, In the year 2000 Rev. Wright fought the juvenile Justice system that tried to send a young black middle school girl
who was driving her mother and accidentally ran into a day care no one was injured but they wanted to crucify the young girl we protested and stopped 
the young girls life from being ruined, 2 months late he stopped two young black men from getting the death penalty for a crime they did not commit capitol murder of 4 people after Wright to get them released the next year Americas Most Wanted contacted him to inform him that the true killers were a Mexican drug gang and it was proven by DNA,

Everyone at Dialysis Advocates & Associates, greatly appreciates the efforts of Rev. Wright, when
it comes to supporting our organization, as well as doing his part to save lives of dialysis patients, he will be there!
Bill Summers, CEO Dialysis Advocates & Associates